2018 Drivers License Application forms

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Important Notice to all drivers

Statement from the Oval Racing Council International

With immediate effect, drivers will not be allowed to exit their cars whilst the race circuit is live i.e. under “green” racing conditions. This includes both drivers on the race track whose car has become immobilised and those who retire to the infield who must also remain in their cars with both their safety harness and helmet on. The only exception to this is where a car needs to be vacated in emergency conditions – i.e. fire etc. If a driver is in a car and feels there is a problem which officials may not be aware of which potentially makes staying there unsafe, they should indicate this to an official with the “thumbs down” signal who will then ask race control to suspend the race. It should be noted that in all cases, the primary cause(s) of the suspension/stoppage, shall be excluded for any re-run or re-start.

If a waved yellow caution or red flag race stoppage is instigated, drivers who are already on the centre must remain strapped in and with helmets on. Drivers who are in immobilised cars on other parts of the circuit may exit their cars whilst the race is suspended but must go into a designated area which is considered by the promotion to be the safest place to be whilst the race is live, which may well be off the track completely.

Drivers will be informed of where this area is by means of a driver briefing or driver handout. Drivers who are still unsure of where this area is should ensure they find out where it is before racing by contacting the Clerk of the Course or another senior official.

Please note that the above covers all formulas and race tracks within the ORC.


Important Drivers Notice

As you are aware some years ago, the ORCi introduced a £1 levy as a contribution towards protecting our sport as much as we can from the various forms of litigation and the environmental minefield that exists within the UK. Not only that, professional advice has been and continues to be engaged to ensure we are compliant in all areas including Health & Safety where potential punishments and fines are now extremely worrying and even criminal.

You will have seen many changes within the sport in terms of Health & Safety and environmental awareness and let us assure you, there is still plenty more to undertake to keep us safe. In recent years the sport has seen several costly challenges, Mildenhall, Buxton, Grimley to name but three in recent years with regards noise and coming over the horizon of course is the 'clean air bill'. There are many other necessary costs such as track audits and inspections to be funded.

The sport continues to invest in consultants and specialists to provide guidance and is currently looking at the legitimacy of organising a Parliamentary Working Party similar to speedway to gain representation at the highest levels. There are also increasing insurance costs to protect the sport additional to the promoters event costs, which again have seen a sharp rise due to increases in IP taxation. ORCi also continues to support Fords administratively.

To continue the progress it has become necessary to fix the meeting levy fee for 2017 onwards at a modest £2 with effect from 1st March 2017.  No one likes an increase but let us assure you, it is a small contribution towards your own sport and worth mentioning that oval racing still represents the best value for drivers in all forms of motorsport - it is less than a 'latte'!

We thank you for your support and wish you a successful 2017 season.



Junior Banger

Track Championship

Up to & Including

10th June

Top 10

90 Joey Holmes 88

328 Ben Nicholls 68

33 Jacob Hampson 67

14 Will Walmsley 49

477 Jack Speirs 43

999 Louie Cottrill 32

44 Mrogan Joyce 24

303 Morgan Hill 20

239 Mollie Taylor 15

418 Lauren Connelly 13


Junior Banger Results

Sunday 10th June 2018

Heat 1

90 Joey Holmes, 999 Louie Cottrill, 33 Jacob Hampson, 418 Lauren Connelly, 14 Will Walmsley, 303 Morgan Hill, 216 George Hall, N.O.F.

Heat 2

328 Ben Nichols, 90 Joey Holmes, 33 Jacob Hampson, 999 Louie Cottrill, 418 Lauren Connelly, 303 Morgan Hill, N.O.F.

World Cup

90 Joey Holmes, 328 Ben Nichols, 999 Louis Cottrill, 33 Jacob Hampson, 14 Will Walmsley, 303 Morgan Hill, N.O.F.

Grand National

90 Joey Holmes, 328 Ben Nichols, 33 Jacob Hampson, 14 Will Walmsley, N.O.F.



Track Championship

Up to & Including

15th April

Top 10

470 Craig Royal 29

478 Chris Speirs 25

212 Karlos Hodgson 21

810 Alex McBain 20

886 Andrew Topham 19

385 Jason Todd 19

570 Joe Ewart 14

236 Ash Lamount 13

248 Alan Lineham 10

266 Barry Wright 10


Micro Banger Results

Sunday 15th April 2018

Heat 1

266 Barry Wright, 305 Jason Todd, 6 Paul Musgrove, 478 Chris Speirs, 131 Mitchell Swainson, 212 Karlos Hodgson, 152 James Dillon, 31 Bailey Swainson, 752 James Dillon jnr, N.O.F.

Heat 2

248 Alan Lineham, 470 Craig Royal, 235 Rob Hildrew, 886 Andrew Topham, 247 Don Lineham, 236 Ash Lamount, 711 Tom Mackenzie, N.O.F.

Spring Championship

470 Craig Royal, 478 Chris Speirs, 212 Karlos Hodgson, 570 Joe Ewart, 886 Andrew Topham, 385 Jason Todd, 236 Ash Lamount, N.O.F.


810 Alex McBain


Junior Banger Results

Sunday 15th April 2018

Heat 1

328 Ben Nicholls, 90 Joey Holmes, 477 Jack Speirs, 44 Morgan Joyce, 41 Robbie Steele, 247 Joe Wilson, 239 Mollie Taylor, 29 David Madsley, 518 Kieran Kinghorn, N.O.F.

Heat 2

90 Joey Holmes, 328 Ben Nicholls, 477 Jack Speirs, 44 Morgan Joyce, 14 Will Walmsley, 33 Jacob Hampson, 710 Cameron McBain, 239 Mollie Taylor, 112 Coby Prestage, 518 Kieran Kinghorn.

Spring Championship

90 Joey Holmes, 477 Jack Speirs, 14 Will Walmsley, 33 Jacob Hampson, 328 Ben Nicholls, 44 Morgan Joyce, 239 Mollie Taylor, 247 Joe Wilson, 710 Cameron McBain, N.O.F.

Grand National

33 Jacob Hampson, 477 Jack Speirs, 518 Kieran Kinghorn, N.O.F.