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Barford Raceway and the National Stockcar Association are re-introducing the 2 levy as a contribution towards protecting our sport as much as we can from the various forms of litigation and the environmental minefield that exists within the UK. Not only that, professional advice has been and continues to be engaged to ensure we are compliant in all areas including Health & Safety where potential punishments and fines are now extremely worrying and even criminal.

You will have seen many changes within the sport in terms of Health & Safety and environmental awareness and let us assure you, there is still plenty more to undertake to keep us safe. In recent years the sport has seen several costly challenges and many other necessary costs such as track audits and inspections to be funded.

The National Stockcar Association continues to invest in consultants and specialists to provide guidance.

To continue the progress it has become necessary to fix the meeting levy fee for 2020 onwards at a modest 2 with immediate effect. We assure you, it is a small contribution towards your own sport and worth mentioning that oval racing still represents the best value for drivers in all forms of motorsport.

We thank you for your support and wish you a successful 2024 season.

Barford Raceway


An important announcement for all formulas at Barford Raceway.

With immediate effect we are implementing a minimal track pedestrian traffic, this is for health and safety and safe operational procedures of the raceway.

As some of you may already be aware after recent issues and the saddening loss of Colin North we are acting to making our safe working practices safer again.

This will mean that during racing if an incident arises for a red flag and the race comes to a stop you must remain strapped in your car at all times unless you are instructed to leave the raceway.

We will resume racing once drivers are off track as normal.

At the end of every race ALL drivers must remain in their cars. Even race winners must remain in their car until instructed otherwise.

We must remind you all that everyone is responsible for good safe working practices and ask that drivers adhere to this and to all marshall requests at all times, this is being done not only for yours and staff safety but for helping with the continued safe operation of the raceway.

At no point any public, mechanics or none drivers are allowed on the Raceway.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Barford Raceway.


Bangers 2024

Track Championship

Up to & Including

16th June

Top 10

300 Mickey Jordan 78

104 Alfie Jones 70

306 Daniel Watson 65

886 Andrew Topham 48

131 Mitchell Swainson 43

494 Paul Winder 29

305 Connor Beckett Longstaff 18

106 Jono Trevor 17

11 Maisie Woods 12

801 Alfie Hosey 8


Back2Basic Banger Results

Sunday 16th June 2024

Heat 1

104 Alfie Jones, 306 Daniel Watson, 131 Mitchell Swainson, 300 Mikey Jordan, 106 Jono Trevor, 40 Callum Dawson, N.O.F.

Heat 2

128 Gareth Todd, 224 Luke Pattinson, 306 Daniel Watson, 11 Maisie Woods, 63, 305 Connor Beckett Longstaff, N.O.F.

Final (World Cup)

128 Gareth Todd, 306 Daniel Watson, 224 Luke Pattison, 300 Mikey Jordan, 104 Alfie Jones, N.O.F.

Grand National

306 Daniel Watson, 300 Mikey Jordan, 801 Alfie Hosey, 305 Conner Beckett Longstaff, 104 Alfie Jones, 11 Maisie Woods, N.O.F.


306 Daniel Watson.


Back2Basic Banger Results

Sunday 7th April 2024

Heat 1

104 Alfie Jones, 886 Andrew Topham, 494 Paul Winder, 300 Micky Jordan, 131 Mitchell Swainson, 627 Rob Procter, 106 Jono Trevor, 194 Nathan Matthews, N.O.F.

Heat 2

886 Andrew Topham, 300 Micky Jordan, 131 Mitchell Swainson, 106 Jono Trevor, 305 Connor Beckett Longstaff, 494 Paul Winder, 104 Alfie Jones, N.O.F.

Final (Spring Championship)

886 Andrew Topham, 104 Alife Jones, 494 Paul Winder, 131 Mitchell Swainson, 300 Micky Jordan, N.O.F.

Grand National

104 Alfie Jones, 886 Andrew Topham, 300 Micky Jordan, 343 Mark Shaw, N.O.F.


300 Micky Jordan