ALL drivers MUST book in to race at Barford Raceway as per the rule book, as LEAST seven days prior to the meeting.

Booking Line 07908 344421 or email


Important Notice to all drivers

Statement from the Oval Racing Council International

With immediate effect, drivers will not be allowed to exit their cars whilst the race circuit is live i.e. under “green” racing conditions. This includes both drivers on the race track whose car has become immobilised and those who retire to the infield who must also remain in their cars with both their safety harness and helmet on. The only exception to this is where a car needs to be vacated in emergency conditions – i.e. fire etc. If a driver is in a car and feels there is a problem which officials may not be aware of which potentially makes staying there unsafe, they should indicate this to an official with the “thumbs down” signal who will then ask race control to suspend the race. It should be noted that in all cases, the primary cause(s) of the suspension/stoppage, shall be excluded for any re-run or re-start.

If a waved yellow caution or red flag race stoppage is instigated, drivers who are already on the centre must remain strapped in and with helmets on. Drivers who are in immobilised cars on other parts of the circuit may exit their cars whilst the race is suspended but must go into a designated area which is considered by the promotion to be the safest place to be whilst the race is live, which may well be off the track completely.

Drivers will be informed of where this area is by means of a driver briefing or driver handout. Drivers who are still unsure of where this area is should ensure they find out where it is before racing by contacting the Clerk of the Course or another senior official.

Please note that the above covers all formulas and race tracks within the ORC.


1300 Saloon Stockcar Results

Sunday 15th April 2018

Heat 1

73 Aaron Hastie, 211 Grant McGowan, 314 James Ellis, 246 Lee Wilson, 577 Millar Craigie, 642 Lisa Freebairn.

Heat 2

211 Grant McGowan, 577 Millar Craigie, 314 James Ellis, 246 Lee Wilson, 642 Lisa Freebairn, 73 Aaron Hastie.


73 Aaron Hastie, 314 James Ellis, 577 Millar Craigie, 246 Lee Wilson, 211 Grant McGowan, 642 Lisa Freebairn.


Staff Wanted

Ever fancied getting more involve in your local track?? Well here is your chance, Barford Raceway are looking for Marshals, Commentator & Tractor Drivers. If you are interested give us a call 07908 344421 or drop us an email


Important information

Barford Raceway contact numbers have changed to 01325 484696 or 07908 344421

Drivers Notice

License Application Forms for 2014 are available by sending a stamped addressed envelope to: Racing Office, Barford Raceway, Streatlam, Barnard Castle, DL12 8UD.



Most of you are aware of the £1 levy imposed by the ORCi on every car at every track in the country, this £1 levy is to start on 1st June, in layman's terms every car that races has to pay £1, the money collected will go towards Health and Safety professionals to help out risks assessments etc. All drivers must have there £1 ready when they sign in, ALL DRIVERS ARE TO SIGN IN, if you are not signed in there is a possibility that you miss a race, this applies to ALL DRIVERS. The ORCi will review this levy at the end of the season, it will not be forever