2019 Drivers License Application forms

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Booking In for 2019

All drivers are being asked to book in as per rule book, 7 days prior to the meeting intended to race, so we can publish a drivers booking list for the website and list the drivers in the race program. This also gives the spectators which are supporting you, the driver as much time as possible to make arrangements to enable them to travel to watch you race. We always need to give accurate information to hopefully encourage people to come to our track to spectate.

We realise we have been lax in recent years on this rule and we feel the class of the 2019 season deserves more information on the meetings, i.e. drivers who are in attendance and we feel now we must enforce this rule for 2019.

Drivers please book in by email cyrilwhitfield@btinternet.com or Tel: 07908 344421.


Banger Rods

Track Championship

Up to & Including

10th March

Top 10


199 Jonathon Scully 40

441 Wayne Holloway 34

103 Stephen Finley 26

198 Craig Coates 24

43 Andy Foster 22

517 Alan Kinghorn 22

478 Craig Royal 17

194 Nathan Matthews 16

133 Alan Briscoe 5

516 Scott Barker 4


Banger Rod Results

Sunday 10th March 2019

Heat 1

441 Wayne Holloway, 478 Craig Royal, 103 Stephen Finley, 198 Craig Coates, 43 Andy Foster, 133 Alan Briscoe, 516 Scot Barker, N.O.F.

Heat 2

199 Jonathon Scully, 103 Stephen Finley, 478 Craig Royal, 198 Craig Coates, 441 Wayne Holloway, 43 Andy Foster, 93 Danny Perks, N.O.F.


199 Jonathon Scully, 441 Wayne Holloway, 194 Nathan Matthews, 517 Alan Kinghorn, 43 Andy Foster, 198 Craig Coates, N.O.F.

Grand National

199 Jonathon Scully, 103 Stephen Finley, 517 Alan Kinghorn, N.O.F.