2024 Drivers License Application forms

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Booking In for 2024

All drivers are being asked to book in as per rule book, 7 days prior to the meeting intended to race, so we can publish a drivers booking list for the website and list the drivers in the race program. This also gives the spectators which are supporting you, the driver as much time as possible to make arrangements to enable them to travel to watch you race. We always need to give accurate information to hopefully encourage people to come to our track to spectate.

We realise we have been lax in recent years on this rule and we feel the class of the 2024 season deserves more information on the meetings, i.e. drivers who are in attendance and we feel now we must enforce this rule for 2024.

Drivers please book in by email cyrilwhitfield@btinternet.com or Tel: 07908 344421.


An important announcement for all formulas at Barford Raceway.

With immediate effect we are implementing a minimal track pedestrian traffic, this is for health and safety and safe operational procedures of the raceway.

As some of you may already be aware after recent issues and the saddening loss of Colin North we are acting to making our safe working practices safer again.

This will mean that during racing if an incident arises for a red flag and the race comes to a stop you must remain strapped in your car at all times unless you are instructed to leave the raceway.

We will resume racing once drivers are off track as normal.

At the end of every race ALL drivers must remain in their cars. Even race winners must remain in their car until instructed otherwise.

We must remind you all that everyone is responsible for good safe working practices and ask that drivers adhere to this and to all marshall requests at all times, this is being done not only for yours and staff safety but for helping with the continued safe operation of the raceway.

At no point any public, mechanics or none drivers are allowed on the Raceway.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Barford Raceway.


Banger Rods

Track Championship

Up to & including

31st March 2024

131 Mitchell Swainson 49

31 Ryan Martin 43

41 Robbie Steele 41

808 Damien Thomas 40

241 Jack Steele 28

999 Dayle Linton 21

106 Jono Trevor 13

42 Robert Gemmell 7


Banger Rod Results

Sunday 31st March 2024

Heat 1

31 Ryan Martin, 131 Mitchell Swainson, 808 Damien Thomas, 41 Robbie Steele, 999 Dayle Linton, 241 Jack Steele, 106 Jono Trevor, N.O.F.

Heat 2

131 Mitchell Swainson, 808 Damien Thomas, 41 Robbie Steele, 999 Dayle Linton, 31 Ryan Martin, 241 Jack Steele, 306, 106 Jono Trevor, N.O.F.

Final (Spring Championship)

131 Mitchell Swainson, 31 Ryan Martin, 41 Robbie Steele, 808 Damien Thomas, 106 Jono Trevor, 241 Jack Steele, N.O.F.

Grand National

131 Mitchell Swainson, 31 Ryan Martin, 999 Dayle Linton, N.O.F.


Banger Rod Results

Sunday 10th March 2024

Heat 1

41 Robbie Steele, 808 Damien Thomas, 241 Jack Steele, 42 Robert Gemmell, N.O.F.